Diane Zimmerman | The Case of the Missing Green Bin

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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The following is a copy of a letter sent to Santa Clarita Mayor Jason Gibbs.

We have all been so patient with “trying” to get decent service from this “great new service” the City Council has saddled us with for the next 20 years.

Just one of the ongoing problems:

They give us all small garbage pails to keep in our homes. Every week we are supposed to take what is in plastic bag(s) inside that pail and place it in the “green” garbage bin. However, (the) green garbage bins were never delivered.

I called Burrtec’s office right after they delivered the bins and buckets, before the first pickup, and was on hold for 40-plus minutes. When I got through, I was told that a green bin would be delivered to me the next day or the day after, before the first Friday pickup. I told her that I live in Fairways East and she said she would forward the info. I explained that nearly all of us needed them.

The afternoon before the first pickup, I called again. Was told it would arrive. It did NOT arrive to any of us! I had someone who has a friend who works at Burrtec call and she was told they have no record of my address needing a bin and that it was the homeowners association’s management company that should be arranging it, not individual residents.

Now a second trash day and still no green bins. Just a few minutes ago I heard a commotion in the alley and saw a Burrtec truck pull in.

Yay, green bins! Nope! I went in the alley and noticed that my next door neighbor received a green bin but no one else in the alley that is missing one. 

I stopped the driver and he said that he could not leave any more, even though his truck had many on it. He said I need to call myself.

I will leave it at this: Great job getting rid of Waste Management — who my neighborhood all liked very much and hated to see go. The drivers were always friendly and helpful.

I hope I hear back from you on this soon. Very disappointed in the City Council’s decision here.

Diane Zimmerman

Santa Clarita

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