Local gym needs to relocate — but where? 


A prominent Santa Clarita Valley gym, Hugo’s Gymfitness, is looking for a new location — and struggling to find one — but is not closing its doors for good, according to its owners.  

The gym made headlines in December when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a surprise visit, making the days of several local children in the process. It has been located at 21107 Centre Pointe Parkway for 15 years and finding a new location has been tough for the owners, but they remain optimistic.  

While the move was dictated by forces outside their control — the landlord has decided to use for its own business at the end of their lease — they feel like they’re in a position to expand to a larger facility.  

“We have a lot of kids right now and we have a giant waitlist,” said Nikki Karlsson, co-owner of Hugo’s. “So it’s exciting to move to a bigger location and it’s definitely emotional as well, because we’ve been here for so long. But, we were looking for a second location before we found out the news back in April, about our landlord. So, for me personally, it’s a new beginning.” 

The gym currently has somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 families signed up, according to estimates provided by Hugo’s. For a while, Hugo’s was having trouble finding a new location. But after a supporter of the gym sent a media release out, several real estate brokers, who also happen to be customers of Hugo’s, stepped in to help and now they have several leads.  

One of the challenges, Karlsson said, is finding a location in a business or industrial complex where the local CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) allow an operation like the gym, which provides “instructional” services. Many potential locations, she said, do not allow for that kind of business. 

“Right now people are really trying to help out and try to figure out where we can go,” she said. “We do have help with this.”  

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