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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Imagine for a second what our news media would have done if Donald Trump Jr. smoked crack, photographed his genitals, had sex with his dead brother’s wife, cheated on his taxes, bought (and then lost) illegal guns, impregnated hookers, abandoned kids, and left behind a laptop full of porn and proof. Now imagine what they would have done if Junior were paid millions by foreign (often hostile) governments, without registering as a foreign agent, all so Daddy Trump would set favorable policy — among *many* other things, exerting pressure by withholding billions in U.S. taxpayer aid to remove a criminal prosecutor from investigating Junior’s company.

Next, imagine Donald Trump got a big fat cut, laundering it through shell companies, flying with his son on Air Force One to meet with the bribers, bragging on camera about crushing the prosecutor, saying his son was the smartest guy he knew, pretending they never talked business, while moving the newly minted/highly paid “artist” into the White House to avoid service on a paternity lawsuit regarding a grandchild he refused to acknowledge. Finally, imagine Junior was let off with a slap on the wrist by Daddy Trump’s Department of Justice, while the DOJ indicted his biggest political rival over “documents.” 

We would hear about nothing else — 24/7, it would be the ONLY news…

Rob Kerchner


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