Royan Herman | Serious Stress in Sand Canyon

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just read the column from Gary Horton (July 26) who loves Santa Clarita as it grows better after his 40-year residency.

In 2021 I amassed every cent I could and bought a wreck in Sand Canyon, intended to bring me peace. In 19 months of residency I have experienced the following:

Many have taken to using Sand Canyon through Placerita Canyon to escape Highway 14 southbound morning traffic. Maybe 150 cars back from the Lost Canyon Road stop sign all the way to Soledad Canyon Road. A morning trip to Vons was daunting.

New townhouses are complete and sold along Lost Canyon. Their primary outlet is the intersection of Lost Canyon and Sand Canyon. Morning groceries are out of the question as townhouse cars also back up at the stop sign.

It takes 15 minutes to drive 1 mile from Soledad to my home.

I arrived to learn the local country club wants a resort with hotel and golf junkets — three blocks from my almost-finished home. The rejected project is in Round 2 with modifications, including secondary access via private Oak Spring Canyon Road. Will that require road condemnation if this international tourist stop is approved?

Sand Canyon and Soledad Canyon now has the largest subdivision under construction that I have ever seen. Hello traffic engineer! What now? I shudder to think.

NOW! Here come movie studios in sweet Placerita Canyon. Quoting Mr. Horton, “Shadow Box Studios … (in SCV) already known for film and TV production, will cement its role as Hollywood North.” Here come the America haters, not to mention residential subdivisions to house them?

How long before Sand and Placerita Canyons must become four-lane highways? No more peace. No more horse trail. No time for neighbors to smile and toodle good morning from their cars. Too dangerous. 

How long before the serious stress sets in to shorten lives and tempers?

Wake up, folks!

Royan Herman

Canyon Country

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