Brian Richards | In Defense of Joe Biden

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Let me go on record announcing my support of President Joe Biden’s candidacy as we near the 2024 election.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think he’s doing a good job or even remotely mentally competent. I just want him to continue doing the terrible job he’s doing so President Donald Trump can be reelected. When Trump was president, inflation was at 1-2%. Cumulative inflation under Biden is pushing 20%. When Trump was president, a gallon of gas in California was $3.40. Today the average price of gas is $5.80 with many stations approaching $7 for premium. This will raise food costs, again! 

Under Trump we had 400,000 illegal border crossings in his last year:

Recently the Department of Homeland Security announced 2.4 million illegals have crossed the imaginary border this year, through August! 

Under Trump the average mortgage was 3.6%. Under Biden it’s 7%. Under Trump we were energy-independent. Under Biden not only has he squandered our independence, causing us to buy oil from places like Venezuela, but he has also made our country less secure by spending almost half of our Strategic Reserve:

Under Trump, no wars. Under Biden, well, we can’t say no wars anymore. Perhaps Biden is doing well on crime? Not so much there, either.

In short, Biden is making Jimmy Carter look competent. His cabinet is a clown car of incompetents, too. From Secretary Alejandro Mayorkis who can’t control the border to Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who thinks less reliable energy is a good thing, to Attorney General Merrick Garland, who thinks indicting political opponents of President Biden is a sound practice for our republic, the distinction is clear! One more year of this and Biden will go down in defeat and the left will have nobody to blame but themselves. A recent poll from the Washington Post has Trump beating Biden by 10 points. Outlier? Sure, but nonetheless significant. 

So to President Biden and his merry band of incompetents, hang in there, baby, and don’t change a thing! 

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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