Diane Zimmerman | An Intentional Misreading?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Response to Jessica Grosh letter, Aug. 24, regarding College of the Canyons board of trustees meeting: 

Your even mentioning my letter is kind of hard to believe. Nowhere in my letter of Aug. 22, “An Uphill Battle,” did I ever even mention ethnic studies!  

The only one who spoke to ethnic studies was (Chancellor) Dianne Van Hook in her remark after I spoke against critical race theory infusion into curriculum. 

Most parents and teachers I know have nothing against ethnic studies being included in curriculum, although it would seem that a good old honest and proven United States history class would be enough on the issue, in my opinion. We are 100% against the infusion of CRT in to any curriculum that is mandatory for students to take in order to graduate. 

Many school districts in California and throughout the U.S. have found and removed infused CRT from their curriculum. If you are unclear as to what CRT is and why it does not belong in any U.S. curriculum, I suggest you study up on it.  

I am surprised that a former COC English instructor such as yourself would have not read my letter a little more clearly before replying to it. I felt obliged to correct you as I don’t think you intentionally misread my letter. 

Diane Zimmerman 

Santa Clarita

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