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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Since I am a contributing part of the no-limit ATM machine locked down by the no-end-in-sight California Democrat supermajority, I feel I deserve a say in how my money is being spent. Our elected officials have spent over $12 billion on the homeless crisis. For this otherworldly sum, we have gotten a significant rise in the number of homeless. I understand that it is a drastic, complex problem, but drastic problems require drastic solutions. The old mantra of building more affordable housing and offering more free services is too slow, too expensive and not effective. Here is my plan for getting the homeless off of our streets. 

1. Pass tough laws or use executive orders that make it illegal to camp or sleep on sidewalks, streets, parks, public grounds or private property.  

2. Buy thousands of acres of land in Boron. I’m sure land there is very cheap.  

3. Hire the Chinese companies or workers who built a huge medical facility in Wuhan in just 10 days. No diversity, equity and inclusion or Environmental Protection Agency requirements. Build massive, simple, dorm-like housing facilities. Build a massive Wuhan-style hospital to treat chronic medical and mental problems. Build a massive job training facility so the formerly homeless can reenter society as productive members. 

4. Impeach the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and replace them with conservative, common-sense, pragmatic judges. Boron will not be a relocation camp, Nazi Germany, or Manzanar. Remember, drastic problems.  

5. If a person absolutely refuses all help and insists on being homeless, he/she must be homeless in Boron. 

6. When the Chinese crew has finished their work in Boron, have them stick around a few more weeks so they can complete the bullet train project. I would like to ride it in my lifetime. 

Larry Moore


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