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Letters to the Editor
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Re: Michael Sandeen, letters, Sept. 10.

I must admit, Mr. Sandeen, I enjoyed your letter. It was, I think, quite reasonable. I did have to chuckle, though, about you describing Mr. (Gary) Horton, Mr. (Thomas) Oatway and Ms. (Lois) Eisenberg as “off putting.” As a daily reader of The Signal I am subjected to a steady diet of the same old tired rhetoric from the likes of Rick Barker, Ron Perry, Rob Kerchner, Brian Richards and Diane Zimmerman, as well as a constant stream of the same drivel from guest columnists like Byron York, Denise Lite and that nepo-baby Michael Reagan. So, all things considered, your three left-wing amigos are a blessing.

Even though your letter was not addressed to me, I’d like to take you up on your request to hear what at least this Democrat doesn’t like about his party’s politics. For one, I think we have a lousy philosophy on illegal immigration. Although I have never actually heard a Democrat declare he is for “open borders,” Juan Castro came close to that in the 2020 debates. And no other Democrat on that stage challenged him. I thought for sure that was going to cost us the presidency, and it would have if it had been anyone other than Donald Trump. Every nation has a right and a responsibility to secure its borders, but we can’t seem to articulate what that means.

I am also chagrined that we Democrats are opposed to welfare reform, specifically a work requirement. For the life of me I cannot understand how we think doing the same thing for 70 years is going to somehow result in a different outcome this time. As someone who worked every day since I was a teenager, I realize both the financial benefits of employment, and the psychological benefits of pride in one’s work and self-reliance.  Gainful employment is a good thing, for everyone. 

Having said that, Republicans have to concede that this will only work if we have robust child care, affordable housing and a living wage. If someone works full time and can’t afford basic shelter and food on their table, this won’t work.

You asked about George Gascón and one-party rule in California. I’ll lump them together because there is a connection. I didn’t vote for Gascón in 2020 and I won’t vote for him in 2024. However, everything he has done he said he was going to do when he campaigned for the office. Therefore, to attempt to recall him for doing what he said he was going to do is a complete abuse of the recall process. Republicans do this again and again because they are, frankly, out of touch in California. The attempted recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom is another example. The recall process is for removal of elected officials for crimes or malfeasance. Newsom was neither. So having, in my opinion, already abused the process, you folks then, incredibly, put forth Larry Elder as your candidate. Larry Elder? In what universe does a buffoon like Elder become governor of California? Basically Republicans in this state have taken the Republicanism one finds in places like Alabama and Tennessee, and are trying to ram it down our throats. That is why California is a one-party state. You want to win elections in California? Start running candidates who appeal to the majority. It’s that simple. And as a side note, I will bet you, Mr. Sandeen, a venti-sized Starbucks beverage of your choice that Gascón will be re-elected.

I’ve said my piece. I am sure Horton, Oatway and Eisenberg have their own thoughts and are quite capable of responding with their own words. But Mr. Sandeen, in an attempt to keep this going I would love to hear your thoughts on what irks you about Republican positions. I mean, climate change, gun control, mob attacks on the nation’s Capitol. There has got to be something there you object to. 

Or maybe not.

Lynn Wright


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