Thomas Oatway | An Absence of Critical Thinking

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I watched a CNN documentary on Q-Anon last night. It was entitled “Waiting for JFK: Report from the Fringe.” The followers were counseled to come to Dallas 16 months ago on the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s birthday. Supposedly, this was to be the resurrection of JFK Jr., whose “bloodline” was Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ. Donald Trump is also in the bloodline. JFK Jr. never showed up. But they were not deterred. They still believe. Most were wearing their red Trump and MAGA baseball caps.

I believe that a major problem with American society is that too many voters are incapable of critical thinking. A quality education can usually provide the training necessary to gather facts, apply logic and make thoughtful, reasoned decisions.

This does not always apply. Some Trump supporters are Q-Anon followers. Strong influences, like cults, religion, social media, or political parties, can reverse years of education. 

I would suggest that those who support Donald Trump, despite two impeachments and four criminal indictments, might want to take a long, hard look at their critical thinking skills. 

(Some) Republicans in Congress supported the (Capitol Hill rioters) on Jan. 6. 

Mike Garcia plus 146 others voted to reverse the votes in two states. Republicans are plunging the country toward a government shutdown. 

They must improve their critical thinking skills before our 2.5-century experiment with a democratic republic government becomes a colossal failure.

Thomas Oatway


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