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Thomas Oatway | Wrong Kind of Propaganda Piece

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I read the propaganda piece by Bill Creitz (July 5, “Lessons about Democrats”) and was blown away by how all of his complaints about Democrats were actually more appropriately targeted at Republicans. Here are some examples:

1) “They either create problems where there are no problems, or take existing problems and make them worse.”

This from a party that says that female trans athletes are dominating women’s sports, or banning books that make their kids turn into gays (example: “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida), plus the anti-woke legislation fomented by Republicans all over the country.

2) “They place little value on common sense, wisdom, discernment, insight, good judgement, morality, or ethics.”

This from a Party that is embracing Donald Trump as its 2024 presidential nominee?

3) “They are nothing if not hypocritical …”

This from a party that is investigating “weaponization of the federal government,” while ignoring the Trump/William Barr Department of Justice that voided the guilty plea of Michael Flynn, and sent John Durham on a mission to find crimes at the FBI, and flew to Europe to find dirt on Hunter Biden and his father Joe.

4) “They hurt the people they profess to be helping.”

Republicans provided a $2 trillion tax break, mostly to wealthy individuals and corporations, exploded the deficit, and now they want to cut spending on social programs that help all Americans, presumably to reduce the deficit.

5) “They are unable to cite any successes from their embrace of socialism.” 

How about Social Security and Medicare, both of which were opposed by conservatives as socialism gone amuck?

I could go on and on, but you get the point: Bill Creitz should have targeted his complaints about Republicans, not Democrats.

Thomas Oatway


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