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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The American and worldwide media continues to beclown themselves with ineptitude and lies — certain Santa Clarita newspapers not included. 

The latest form of fake news was that Israel destroyed a hospital and 500 people were killed. Without any evidence at all other than what the terrorist group Hamas said, they all jumped on the “blame Israel” bandwagon. The Associated Press, Reuters, BBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, just to name a few, all reported this garbage as fact. 

When it turned out to be not just false, but fraudulently untrue, none of them corrected the record.

As was later proven by the facts, it turns out that it was a misfired missile from Hamas that landed in the vicinity of a hospital. There is no documented proof that 500 people died. Hell, there’s not even proof that a hospital was destroyed. Don’t believe me, check it out. All I found was a parking lot that looked like some cars got in the way of a missile that was meant to kill Jews. The Western media seems to think a big pile of rubble in Gaza is proof when there is a big pile of rubble on every corner.

 Today only 34% of Americans trust the media a great or fair amount and, for the first time, more people, 38%, don’t trust the media at all:

This shouldn’t even be a right or left thing, although Democrats are far more gullible about the media than Republicans or independents. The problem we have is that people generally go to the news source that suits their worldview and so they are fed a steady diet of news they want to hear. 

I lean toward Fox News, I admit, but I can also count at least 10 other sources of news that I turn to, including some of the above. In fact, on election night 2016 I watched CNN almost exclusively! But I’m one of the exceptions. I want to hear what the other side is saying. 

Today many people don’t want the truth, as evidenced by four years of fake news about Donald Trump. Each day there was a new bombshell and the walls were perpetually closing in and that’s what their audience wants. Not the truth!

I’m not sure how to fix this problem or if it’s even possible to fix. But when we have almost the entire worldwide news media quoting and defending Hamas and damning Israel without any verification, we have a problem. 

It also doesn’t help when we have the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party fomenting hatred against Israel in support of Hamas and other terrorist groups. Like the fake news media, they too are never held to account for their vile words, deeds and lies.

 Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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