Lois Eisenberg | Destroying American Democracy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Republicans are doing a masterful job trying to destroy our “American democracy.”

Attested by: Kevin McCarthy was ousted from his position as House speaker, without a clue about what to do next, and this seems to be par for the course ever since the Republicans gained the majority of the House in 2020. Since the Republicans’ disastrous takeover they have not taken into consideration the American people’s needs. Revenge is their motto.

McCarthy had nine months of turbulence as speaker of the House after selling his soul to the radical right Republicans, and in doing so it has come back to bite him.

The inadequate ruling Republicans have shown their lack of ruling, and flee town when the going gets tough and when the situation of how to govern confronts them without a plan, again putting their party first and not their country.

The Republicans have divided the House unmercifully, and as the old saying goes, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Lois Eisenberg


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