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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

After the horrific attack in Israel by Hamas butchers, President Joe Biden was asked about Iran and how it, through its proxies, continues to attack Israel and Americans stationed in the region. His one-word answer was “don’t!” Since then there have been 32 attacks on United States bases and personnel in the region. Our only response was to strike two facilities in Syria tied to Iran’s revolutionary guard. Since then Iranian proxies continue to attack Americans, showing that our laughable and pathetic response had zero impact. President Biden apparently never learned that bullies don’t respond to pleas to stop.

Our commander in chief is as feckless as one could imagine. I’m not advocating for war. We’ve had enough of that. But there are dozens of reactions we have at our disposal beyond “don’t.” Everything this administration has done has made Iran stronger. The world is on fire, our southern border no longer exists, and Bidenomics is literally starving American families of financial security. This country needs an SOB running the country, not a doddering old fool making empty threats bragging about how great Bidenomics is. 

 Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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