Dean Haynes | Accountability Must Go Both Ways

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Yes, America does need a return to accountability, but Gary Horton must think it only applies to Republicans. He rants about the behavior of a conservative in a theater, but poor Al Franken, posing like he’s groping a sleeping woman, is forced to resign. He also rants about the lies of Rep. George Santos, but doesn’t even mention Adam Schiff, who must have set a new record for lying while claiming many times over that he had absolute proof President Donald Trump was a Russian agent. Also leaves out our President Joe Biden, who has lied about his academics, his truck driving career, his house fire, his getting arrested for visiting Nelson Mandela, and as more information comes out it looks like he was lying about his business deals with Burisma, China and his son Hunter. In fact, one has to wonder if Joe Biden has ever told the truth.

Some of your commentors kept a running tab of the number of lies they claimed President Trump had told. Apparently their counting system can’t quite keep up with Biden and his supporters.

Dean Haynes

Former Santa Clarita resident, Cedar City, Utah 

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