Gerald Staack | An Escalating Class War

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

If you are upset and feel disadvantaged, don’t be angry with your government, and don’t try to overthrow it. Be angry at those who exercise their will on Congress with bribe money so as to keep lowering their profit tax. Donald Trump gave his super-rich friends a $1.5 trillion tax reduction. The result has been more debt and an extended decline in the social well-being of Americans.

In the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when the economy and jobs were booming, tax rates were in the 90s. Good jobs were plentiful as the super-rich found tax write-offs by building more business-related facilities and research institutions. These paid excellent wages.

We have been in an escalating class war ever since the Supreme Court decided that “money” was free speech. It created legalized corruption and a society that sees increasing homelessness and less white-picket fences. Our slogan should be “MAPHTA, Make Aristocracy Pay HigherTaxes Again.”

Gerald Staack

Former Santa Clarita resident 

Wilmington, North Carolina

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