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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Montana, condemned the Biden Administration on Dec. 7 for suspected use of Veterans Administration resources to care for illegal aliens. His letter to the secretary of Veterans Affairs demanded to know the nature of VA resources being used for this group of unvetted individuals here illegally. 

Likewise, Sen. Daines addressed the Senate Committee for Veterans Affairs about this concern. Some sources indicate this has possibly been occurring since 2021. Sen. Daines’ fellow senator from Montana, Sen. John Tester, D-Montana, chairs the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. If this committee was aware of the expenditure of federal funds dedicated solely for U.S. military veterans, why was this allowed to happen? Whether it’s the use of VA staff to process illegals’ paperwork or prospectively use VA facilities for care and housing of illegals, this is a breach by the Biden Administration of its obligation to protect and care for veterans ONLY! More recently (Dec. 13), Rep. Mike Bost, R-Illinois, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, introduced a bill called the “No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act.” 

Frankly, if unvetted illegals are even allowed in VA facilities, this is a major safety concern for all veterans (e.g., presence of possible terrorists who hate America, her military and its veterans). This is likely yet another treasonous act by Joe Biden to not protect America and her citizens, especially the 16 million of us veterans who have served her. This is another of many examples of Biden’s acts of treason (e.g., dishonorable exit from Afghanistan, Chinese balloons’ flyover and, of course, America’s horribly unsecured southern border). 

I urge fellow veterans to press congressional representatives to support the above bill and for answers to the suspected use of VA resources for illegal immigrants. 

Either impeach President Biden for treason or demand his immediate resignation. 

Larry Bustetter


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