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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

After weeks of chaotic non-leadership by the Republican-held house, a far-right, inexperienced Louisiana Republican is now the speaker of the House. Lo and behold.

This new speaker has advocated the overturn of the 2020 presidential election, and in doing so he tried to get the House to refuse to certify the results of the election. This new speaker is an opponent of abortion rights, and LGBTQ rights, and an opponent of gender-affirming care for trans youth. Lo and behold.

Mike Johnson opposed medical marijuana, the raise the wage act, and advocated prayers in public schools. Isn’t there a so-called “separation of church and state”?

The new speaker has referred to abortion as “a holocaust.” The new speaker emphasizes his Southern Baptist beliefs as the basis for his politics. OMG — pun intended. The new speaker doesn’t believe climate change is caused by humans. Per climatecommunication.yale.edu, 69% believe humans have caused climate change.

This new inexperienced speaker of the House has never chaired a congressional committee, and is the least experienced speaker in 140 years. Lo and behold.

The biggest “Lo and Behold” is that this inexperienced speaker is second in line to be president of the United States. And besides a “Lo and Behold,” I have to say “OMG.”

Johnson called “wind and solar” the most unaffected energy source we have, and said living near wind turbines could cause depression and cognitive dysfunction, going along with Donald Trump’s belief that wind turbines cause cancer. Lo and behold.

Johnson has received more than $300,000 from oil and gas companies in the seven years of his congressional career.

In closing, there have been many articles written about Mike Johnson since his takeover as speaker of the House, and all the logical, truthful and factual articles are on the same page concerning Mike Johnson’s beliefs and actions.

Lois Eisenberg


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