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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is so interesting that on some issues we all see things somewhat the same but not completely the same. Take for instance Pastor David Hegg’s article (Dec. 15.) about “Noble Lies Aren’t Noble.”

Please understand that I believe Pastor Hegg to be a good person. I am not calling him a liar because I don’t think he would intentionally lie. But sometimes the sins of omission are still sins after all.

Pastor Hegg wrote: “Too many of us are addicted to noble lies because they are really much more than lies. They are movements and causes that raise in us an almost religious fervor. They also provide us with a sense of belonging by providing a basis for like-minded association. And therein lies the real danger of the noble lie. It replaces reality with a lie that appeals to us for all the wrong reasons.”

While I tend to agree with Pastor Hegg on most of the issues he uses to illustrate his points, he has left out one that is the most controlling and egregious liars over the years: religion!

The whole reason for the creation of organized religions was and is the controlling of the people.

Yet, more wars have been fought over religious beliefs than for any other reason. More hate exists toward and by religions than for any other reason. More depravity. And more deception and lies. 

Ironic, isn’t it?

Controlling the people: Pick a religion. Pick a time in human history. Pick a place. The people must be shown the way, because without religion controlling how they think, they will commit deception, lie, be depraved, will hate and make war on each other.

Hate: There is so much hate between religious groups it is hard to believe there could be any more if there were no religion at all.

War: Because of organized religion: The Crusades (eight of them.) The 30 Years War. World War II. The Israeli/Palestinian wars. Pakistan/India. Iran/Iraq, etc.

Depravity: Altar boys; rape as part of religious war; mutilation, torture and killing in the name of God.

Deception and lies: God is a loving God — but he will see you rot in hell if you disobey the dogma of the church. The Bible is the word of God. I would remind you that it was written by men. And by the way those men believed the world was flat, and we will kill you if you think differently! There is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. There is only one true religion!

To end on a positive note: In my long life I have known wonderful, loving people who were very religious. And wonderful, loving people who had no religion at all.

And in the end, Pastor Hegg, I am not against religion any more or less than any of the other noble lies you had in your article. I just wanted to point out that, in your article, you left it out.

Ron Perry 

Canyon Country

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