Thomas Oatway | The Clown Show in the House

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The following letter was written before Mike Johnson was chosen as speaker of the House.

I am watching the clown show in the House of Representatives as the Republicans called for yet another failed vote for their speaker. Right now the Congress has been hijacked by MAGA Republicans. Their latest nominee is Jim Jordan of Ohio. Jordan is an election denier. Steve Bannon must be celebrating.

Jordan has called for three votes, none of which garnered nearly enough votes for him to become speaker. The inability of the House to elect a speaker has frozen the Congress without any prospect of doing its legislative work. In less than a month the government will be shut down, with all of the pain and insecurity that will entail. These are dangerous times.

I have come to the conclusion that our Constitution has become inoperable in the era of MAGA Trump Republicans. The House should make a bipartisan decision to have shared responsibility between the two parties and get back to work. This sounds like the normal course of business for parliamentary governments. Is it time to junk the Constitution and become a parliamentary republic? While we are at it, let’s eliminate tyranny of the minority.

Thomas Oatway


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