Valencia alumnus earns all-PAC-12 honors 

Tanner Miller (61). Photo Courtesy of Oregon State.

Valencia alumnus Tanner Miller is the latest former Viking to leave his mark on the collegiate level. 

Miller, an offensive lineman at Oregon State, was named to the All-PAC-12 team on Tuesday. 

The former Viking was part one of the best offensive lines in college football. The Beavers gave up just 15 sacks on the year and were also a key factor for one the most efficient offenses in the PAC-12. 

Oregon State ranked top five in every rushing statistical category, including a team average of 5.1 yards per rush, the second-best mark in the conference.  

“I think we had a great group of offensive linemen this year and not only were they good players but they were good dudes as well,” Miller said via text message. “But one of the things that I think made us so good was that we all came in each day and wanted to put in the work to try and be the best version of ourselves and during that process we grew closer as a unit.” 

The Beavers’ offensive line was well represented on the conference honors. Tailese Fuaga and Jake Levengood were both named to the All-PAC 12 first team, while Joshua Gray joined Miller as a second team selection.  

Tanner Miller (61). Photo Courtesy of Oregon State.

Miller spent most of the season at right guard, but stepped up and started at center in a handful of games due to injuries on the line. 

The standout group was a tight one and led by his former offensive line coach, Jim Micahczik, someone who has abundantly impacted Miller’s life. 

“I think one of the biggest influences in my career here at Oregon State was my offensive line coach,” Miller said. “(He) gave me a chance to come here as a walk-on when every other coach was saying I was too small to play. Once he gave me an opportunity, I took it and decided that I’m going to be that guy day in and day out, putting in the work and staying consistent with my play so that I can be the best player I can be. And for teammates I think the other four offensive linemen all have had a big impact on me because we have been together for three or four years now. We all have a tight bond and we would all take a bullet for each other because of how close we are on the field.” 

The right guard was also quick to thank his parents, Steve and Heather Miller.  

“They allowed me to pursue and live my dreams of playing PAC-12 football,” Tanner said.  
“Starting my career as a walk-on here at Oregon State was not the easiest at times, but they stuck by my side through the hard times and they were definitely there for the good times as well.” 

Miller has been a vital part of the 180-degree swing of the Beaver program. Oregon State had just seven wins in Miller’s first two seasons but have now won 18 games in the past two years, including a Las Vegas Bowl win over Florida last season. 

“I’ve been here in Corvallis during the hard times and I’ve seen it flourish into something special,” Miller said. “I think our new head coach (Trent) Bray is going to be a great leader and is definitely to continue to have us play our physical brand of football that we are known for. I’m excited to see how our program is going to take the next step.” 

Oregon State again earned a bowl game and will play the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl on Friday, Dec. 19, at 11 a.m. Pacific. 

While the program has taken a leap, Miller also feels he has grown in his time with the Beavers. 

“I have grown a lot in my years here at Oregon State,” Miller said. “I think I have grown to understand the game of football more and I’ve learned more as a man, too. I think one of my biggest things I’ve learned is that no one is born to be a good football player but with hard work and discipline you can make yourself into whoever you want to be.” 

For now, Miller is focused on the Sun Bowl and slowing down the Irish pass rush. Back on campus, the Valencia alum will also become a Beaver alumnus, as he graduates with his bachelor’s degree in sociology after the winter term. The all-conference guard will then have one year of eligibility left, in which he plans to return to Beaver football. 

“I am currently committed to coming back for my last year of eligibility and finishing what I started here at Oregon State,” Miller said. 

Tanner Miller (61). Photo Courtesy of Oregon State.

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