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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A quick response to Hilmar Rosenast, Jan. 13, letters, “A Biblical Correction.”

Are you sure of what you speak? Can you prove it? Neither can I. But here is some possible evidence from one source (description accompanying an image posted to Wikipedia):

“Detail of a flyleaf for a manuscript of the Gospel of Matthew … This is the earliest known manuscript title for Matthew’s gospel and one of the earliest manuscript titles for any gospel (alongside with John’s P66 and P75). Date late second century or early third century. Source S. Gathercole (2012). The Earliest Manuscript Title of Matthew’s Gospel (BnF Suppl. gr. 1120 ii 3 / P4), Novum Testamentum, 54, 209-235.”

I don’t really know what is true because I have no absolute proof. But there is so much contradiction of “facts” that I used what I had through researching the internet. I hope you were not offended because I certainly did not intend that.

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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