Thomas Oatway | The Worst Mistake We’ve Made

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Economist magazine has stated that Donald Trump represents the greatest threat to the world in 2024. Maybe. Only if the voters in several swing states make a terrible decision in the presidential election in 2024. Polls say that the voters in six swing states favor Trump over Joe Biden. But the election is still (nearly) a year away. Events like trials may change some minds. But others may wake up to the reality that Trump represents an existential danger to non-whites, immigrants, seniors and our democracy. I choose to believe that this will be the case.

Trump has signaled that he will bring his fascist mob of followers into the government and rid it of all who dissent with him. He has vowed retribution against the Department of Justice, the FBI, liberals, judges and a whole list of enemies. 

I am not that worried. Since my time on this planet is fairly limited, it will be up to youth, women and people of conscience to block his way. If voters can send a proper message to Trump and the MAGA Republican Party, they will save our democracy, economy, health and welfare, alliances, and the planet. 

This man was the worst mistake our country has ever made. Let’s put him in our rear-view mirror.

Thomas Oatway


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