Diane Duarte Babko | Much at Stake in 2024 Election

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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(On March 5), we will be voting to select a representative to Congress from our community. There is so much at stake in this election. We will decide if our representative to Congress will support further obstacles to women when they make decisions about their own bodies. We will decide if our country will continue to disregard the lives of men, women and children by allowing people to own assault weapons that are capable of slaughtering innocent people in seconds. 

We may decide to elect our current representative, who refused to accept the will of the people in the last election, siding with the insurrectionists.  

On the other hand, we can move forward by electing George Whitesides. Whitesides agrees that women should have control over their bodies. Whitesides is not supported by the NRA like our current representative. Whitesides supports Social Security and Medicare and does not consider them “handouts” as many Republicans describe them. George Whitesides is a former NASA chief of staff under Barack Obama, and he is running to unseat Republican Mike Garcia.  

The upcoming election is critical in assuring that our country can stop the frightening changes that the Republicans have supported. Please support George Whitesides on March 5. 

Diane Duarte Babko 


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