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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The city of Santa Clarita is a youngster among giants. At only 36 years old, we are already the third largest city in Los Angeles County and still growing.

As a longtime resident and practicing physician, I know I’ve been around for a while when I drive on roads and see buildings and parks named after people who were my patients.

I have noticed that many streets, parks and buildings are named after elected politicians. Serving the community as an elected official should be considered an honor, so no one should brand a public structure with their name when they serve constituents, even after they have left office.

Therefore, I propose a city ordinance that no public road, park, building, or structure be named after a living elected official in the city of Santa Clarita.

We know city, county, state and federal officials know how to circumvent this and still get their names on everything they touch and see. Therefore, citizens, let’s create a ballot measure voted on by the public that becomes law.

Granted, there are some excellent politicians after whom I would not mind having a street named, but let it be known that through this measure, the only way this happens is posthumously.

Most of us will vote for this should we eventually want to honor them.

Dr. Gene Dorio


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