Gary Horton | These Are Real People, Mr. Garcia

Gary Horton

Dear Congressman Garcia: 

Your Republican leadership is receiving the Senate’s bill for defense of Ukraine, Israel and other security concerns. The radical elements of your party already killed a perfectly acceptable border security bill, over concerns that Donald Trump wants to get credit for securing the border, not President Joe Biden.  

That’s a petty thing to blow a border deal over. One wonders why the House of Representatives even exists anymore. If you won’t talk with the other side, if you won’t deal, if you’re enthralled with a loser, insurrectionist, won’t-take-a-loss-as-an-answer past president … then why bother at all? 

Let’s just call the Republican Party “Donald Trump’s personal ego machine” and call it a day for America. 

Sooner or later, either govern, or call your party a dictator-led American dead end. 

But – if you’re not quite there yet, you have this very important bill up for consideration right now. 

You have fought in wars, Congressman. You know how it impacts people, although your experience is on the giving-hell side, not the receiving it. Nevertheless, you know the pain of war. 

For Ukraine, this isn’t some abstract issue to be toyed with in Congress. It’s no hot potato to toss around like a party game.  

Ukraine has been life or death or rape and pillage, 24/7, for two full years now, with hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded Ukrainians … who are bravely defending their free country from a Hitler-type megalomaniac dictator. 

That’s Vladimir Putin. You know, the guy who Trump is enthralled with – Putin. Ukraine suffers as you and your party dither. 

This is no toy. It’s real life or death, and it’s in your hands, right now. 

Congressman Garcia, let me share from a dear friend, from Juliya, in Irpin, Ukraine:

“Our intelligence has had some success in the form of downed planes and drones in St. Petersburg. However, the main events are taking place at the front and they are disappointing. For example, the invaders have recaptured a part of Avdiivka for which there has been fighting since the beginning of the war. 

“The fatigue of our soldiers and their small number affected. There is no one to replace them. They have been fighting since the beginning of 2022 and have never rested at a time when Russian resources are like cockroaches and every time they are replenished with fresh reserves … I think Avdiivka in the Donetsk direction will be handed over soon. This is a very important logistical city, which opens the way for the Russians to seize new territories. 

“Our men literally live in these wet trenches, they don’t even have time to go to the bathroom. We hear the shells exploding all the time through the phone. But they are already used to it. Viktor’s cousin said that almost every second soldier already has mental disorders, a cold in the kidneys or prostate problems. 

“For example, they fall asleep in the intervals between fighting in a trench covered with snow, and in the morning, they may wake up waist-deep in water due to a thaw. But nevertheless, the trench cannot be abandoned, and it is necessary to continue to repel the enemy.  

“It’s a real hell … 

“My God … and what can we say about Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions! These fertile lands have now forever become deserts with burnt earth. She’s dead. But there were hundreds of nature reserves, rare birds, animals and plants. 

“I am already silent about the cities and villages of which every last thing … both living and structures, have been 100% destroyed.” 

Congressman Garcia: Please lead for freedom and liberty. Please use your influence to assure our allies trust our promises. Please lead America back to its role in global leadership for freedom and democracy.  

Yes, Congressman Garcia, it’s not only Ukraine’s suffering on the line “right here, right now.” This is America’s reputation to the world. Do we keep our promises? 

All this is on your plate, right before you, right now. 

Please lead for freedom from tyranny, Congressman Garcia. You can make a huge difference by leading from conscience, rather than from party line. 

Gary Horton’s “Full Speed to Port!” has appeared in The Signal since 2006. The opinions expressed in his column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Signal or its editorial board.

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