Jason Gibbs | Love on the Horizon: Your Vote Matters!

Jason Gibbs
Jason Gibbs

I am thrilled to share some exciting news that hits close to the heart – a celebration of love like no other this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Steeped in romance, this day holds a special place for so many couples, invoking beautiful memories of their own wedding days. It’s a sentiment I understand well, having shared in those cherished moments myself. 

This Valentine’s Day, our beloved city of Santa Clarita is poised to create magic with the return of The Big I Do wedding experience. This extraordinary celebration is an integral part of our internationally acclaimed City Hall Ceremonies program — a program that I take immense pride in as it reflects our commitment to fostering love and unity within our community.  

The wedding experts in the city of Santa Clarita’s Clerk’s office have issued an astounding 925 marriage licenses and have conducted 540 civil ceremonies since the program’s inception in 2020. It warms my heart to witness the impact this service has had on the lives of our residents. 

What makes this year’s Big I Do wedding even more special is the opportunity for participating couples to embark on a seven-night honeymoon cruise. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there – we need your help to choose the winning couple! These couples have poured their hearts into sharing their Santa Clarita love stories through heartfelt videos. These videos will be featured on all city of Santa Clarita social media pages this week, and it’s your votes on the official website that will determine which couple wins the cruise for their honeymoon. The official announcement will be made during The Big I Do reception, making it a day to remember for everyone involved. 

But the magic doesn’t end with the cruise. Thanks to the generous donations from our local wedding vendors, couples and their party will indulge in an incredible experience – a catered brunch, personalized wedding cakes, beautiful floral arrangements, elegant décor, a DJ, photographer, photo booths and more. It’s a testament to the strong sense of community that defines Santa Clarita. 

Also, for those considering marriage or looking to renew their vows, I’m excited to unveil another incredible opportunity. This upcoming spring, you have the chance to immerse yourself in the joy of a western-style wedding at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. By embracing the deep-rooted western history of our city, what could be more fitting than saying “I Do” at this hometown favorite festival?  

Picture this: a wedding ceremony among century-old buildings, including the historic Ramona Chapel. The tree branches will wave in the cool breeze as the vibrant tunes of live country music fill the air. This unique experience will create an idyllic and captivating atmosphere for your special day. It’s a golden opportunity to infuse your celebration with the essence of the Old West, ensuring that your wedding becomes a truly unique and unforgettable experience. 

Lastly, I extend a heartfelt invitation to our entire community to actively participate in selecting the winning couple for the cruise. Please join us in celebrating love, vote for your favorite Santa Clarita love story and contribute to making a couple’s honeymoon dreams come true. Explore all the details on voting and on how to get married at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival by visiting SantaClarita.gov/Weddings.  

Wishing you all a Valentine’s Day filled with love and joy. 

Jason Gibbs is a member of the Santa Clarita City Council and can be reached at [email protected] 

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