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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Letter to Gary Horton, re: Jan. 24 commentary:

Dear Gary: Someone called you brilliant and insightful? Hmmm. Please let me add holier than thou and overly dramatic to your accolades. Just because you saw Angela Davis speak at College of the Canyons doesn’t make you more open minded than anyone else. Just because you know somebody living under duress in Ukraine (God bless them) doesn’t make you any more empathetic than anyone else. You even quoted Emma Lazarus for the second week in a row. That is unnecessary. That is beneath you. 

Yes, President Donald Trump does use bombastic rhetoric. That’s what it is … rhetoric. Do you really think he is calling every one of the 8.8 million Joe Biden illegal border crossers terrorists? He’s a politician. He has to get elected to bring about his agenda. It’s his way of saying, “When I’m elected, we will have a secure border.” And you know what? When he is elected, he will make good on that promise. People support President Trump because he does what he promises he will do. The border wall will be completed. Illegal immigrants will have to remain in Mexico while waiting for asylum hearings. Cartels will be on the run and fentanyl trafficking will slow to a trickle. 

Your assertion that President Trump attempted a coup is laughable at best. There weren’t tanks and armed soldiers attacking the Capitol on Jan. 6, like some third world banana republic. And yet, during the summer of 2020 the Black Lives Matter rioters set fire to dozens of entire cities. Hundreds were injured and 19 were killed. Who was encouraging the rioters and offering to bail them out of jail? Your cackling Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Your characterization of Trump supporters as mean, petty and bullies is the icing on your overly dramatic cake. We just want to Make America Great Again. What is wrong with that? Trump supporters are like everyone in America. We have empathy with those who are struggling. We donate to charities. We volunteer. We are little league coaches. We are teachers. We are union members. We go to different churches. We respect our country, the Constitution, and our shared history. We want a better future for our kids. Our core values are your core values. We are your neighbors. We are no better or worse than you. 

And Gary, give us something new next week. 

Larry Moore


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