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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This is in reply to Mr. Ron Perry’s farcical depiction of what happened to E. Jean Carroll and the ultimate outcome of the trial (letters, Feb. 9).

First of all, he states that she was “raped” by the former president. The verdict clearly indicates that Donald Trump was found liable for “sexual assault.” Whereas the charge of sexual assault isn’t quite as grievous as rape, it still is considered a federal offense. It was proven in a court of law that she was sexually assaulted. I guess Mr. Perry doesn’t believe in our judicial system.

Then he also claims that he doesn’t think it might have happened at all because she filed charges 20 years post-incident. Mr. Perry, let me educate you on what happens to a person when they are sexually assaulted by another human being.

Sexual assault is deeply traumatic, and victims often face significant obstacles when deciding whether to disclose their ordeal. Here are some reasons why survivors may delay sharing their stories:

• Shame and Self-Blame: Despite knowing that sexual assault is never their fault, victims often feel immense shame and self-blame.

• Fear of Consequences: Victims fear the repercussions of coming forward. Sexual abuse can cause intense feelings of embarrassment, fear and humiliation.

• Lack of Support: Victims may lack a supportive environment or fear judgment from friends, family, or authorities. 

• Legal and Financial Concerns: Some survivors worry about the legal and financial consequences of reporting sexual assault.

And, of course, let’s blame the Liberals and the press for this.

I am deeply horrified and alarmed by this kind of rhetoric, especially against women. This is just a snippet of what we can expect if we elect the former president. Instead of living in the 21st century, they would like us to exist in a dystopian world, pre-civil and women’s rights.

Shame on you, Mr. Perry.

Maria Wright                       


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