Rob Kerchner | Which Party Is He Describing?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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If your party told you a 99% survivable (virus) would kill you, it may be time to switch parties.

That goes double if your party led you to hate and fear your friends and family and coworkers over it, and fired people over it, and shut down the economy over it, and ruined millions of jobs and businesses over it, and stunted millions of kids’ educations over it, and incurred unconscionable public debt over it, and forced you to take (and retake) a largely worthless (and in some cases dangerous) injection and wear a worthless mask and stand on worthless dots over it …

And if your party’s own leaders broke the very rules they themselves set for you over it, that goes triple, quadruple if their favored bureaucrats funded the creation of that germ in the first place, and quintuple if they illegally censored and controlled media to sugarcoat all of the above, and keep the truth from you every single step of the way.

Rob Kerchner 


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