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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Gary Horton, commentary, “These Are Real People, Mr. Garcia,” Feb. 14.

Mr. Horton, get back on the horse you normally ride. This column is unusually fact-free. 

1. Defense of Ukraine: We, across an ocean, have donated (more than $75 billion) to defense of Ukraine. The Russians have a gigantic conscript army, so agrarian Ukraine cannot beat them no matter how much money we plow into the country. Also, many Americans in our already debt-ridden country could put some of that money to good use. Remember, those citizens are the people who provided our government with that money in the first place. To best Russia, even temporarily, we need boots on the ground. Don’t you think we have sacrificed enough American young people in the best interests of countries other than our own?

2. I made it my business to learn about this border bill that benefits only citizens of other countries and the Democratic Party. Not one cent is earmarked to stop illegal immigration at present rates. Money is earmarked specifically to help process illegals at the border and will not jail or turn back one criminal. It will not stop another 200-plus Chinese who came together last week, or MS13 murderers, or convicted criminals from entering our country. Don’t you realize that, in an election year, Republicans would have supported any border bill that made them look good and/or actually reduced the number of illegal future Democrat voters right after a quick amnesty? Of course they would, even if only for job security. 

Democrats know that well-intentioned folks like you will help them spin a well-placed bill to make the GOP look bad. They play political chess with expertise. 

Mr. Horton, get back on the fact-filled horse you normally ride.

Royan Herman

Santa Clarita

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