Thomas Oatway | Biden Saved the Economy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Since the election of Joe Biden in 2020 we have seen the media attack his record. Fox News and other hard-right media outlets have revised history with lies about the actual performance of the Biden administration. 

Looking back at the COVID crisis that he inherited from Donald Trump, we were told that the federal payments to individuals were causing a worker shortage as citizens were paid to stay home in the midst of a global pandemic. A million died of COVID in the U.S. Hospitalization rates skyrocketed. Lo and behold, COVID vaccines were developed and distributed widely, workers returned, and the crisis was averted.

The next crisis was rampant inflation. Egg prices, gas pump pain, shortages of commodities, and the cost of housing were all blamed on Biden. Farmers raised more chickens, the world responded to Russian fuel cutoffs, and worldwide shipping recovered. Only the cost of housing remained an issue. Biden was blamed for interest cost rises as the Fed fought inflation. Biden was blamed for the Fed’s interest rate increases despite the fact that the executive branch has no authority for the Fed. 

Inflation has been reduced to 3.2%, down from 9%. Pay for the lower half of the workforce has risen above the inflation rate. Unemployment has dropped to less than 4% from the 6-plus percent that Biden inherited from Trump. Domestic oil production now exceeds the level under Trump and is higher than any other country in the world.

A recession touted by Fox News never happened. Our economy is better than the rest of the industrial world. Republicans still insist that Biden has ruined our economy. The truth is: Biden actually saved our economy and continues to run the government effectively. I shudder to think of what would have happened if he were not elected. Or if he loses to Trump in 2024. Wake up, people.

Thomas Oatway


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