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Letters to the Editor
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On Dec. 30 (letters), Lois Eisenberg gave herself a pat on the back for eliciting reactions from some of The Signal’s readers. She gleefully proclaimed that she is always “truthful and factual” and took pride in “hitting the political funny bone of some of these writers who have a hard time grasping the truth and the facts.” I saw the entire scenario as a victory parade featuring just one float, but I will say this for her, she definitely seems to take pleasure in pushing people’s buttons, and I know exactly how that feels. She’s quite the spirited lady. Anyway …

I long ago ceased reacting to Ms. Eisenberg’s letters because I saw no point in it, nothing to be gained. I recognized that Ms. Eisenberg’s letters are in fact very rarely truthful or factual, although I will give her “honesty.” I do not see her letters as a collection of lies, but rather as misinformation based on sources that twist facts and data to suit their own political agendas, and in that sense she is far from alone. I also see her letters as the sincere expressions of a “true believer.” I therefore find it ironic how it’s actually the true believers — in anything — who are the ones who have a hard time grasping the truth, especially when it comes to anything that “rocks their boat.”

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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