Arthur Saginian | The Bible and Same-Sex Unions

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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There are Christians who are stunned, shocked, saddened, and even angered, by Pope Francis’ approval of allowing Catholic priests to bless same-sex marriages, but there are several points of note in the New Testament itself that support his decision to do that. I speak from what I have read, and take liberty to interpret it as “I” see it regardless of the fact that I believe none of it. Y’all are free to do the same, if you dare.

First of all, Jesus never once condemned nor even mentioned same-sex unions. His only comments regarding marriage were in reference to infidelity and adultery, and rightfully so. 

Secondly, Jesus was ushering in a “New Covenant” to replace the “Old Covenant,” as in, “You have heard it said of old … but I tell you this …” No matter what is written in the Old Testament, Jesus came to wash a lot of that away, and he got into big trouble for it with the Temple and its high priests, which is the real reason he was arrested, beaten and crucified. The Romans — who didn’t care about Jesus one way or the other — were nothing more than “hired thugs” carrying out the Temple’s bidding.

Thirdly, even though Paul of Tarsus, through his letters to the early churches, condemned homosexuality, the reader needs to bear two things in mind: 1) Paul frequently spoke from his own “opinion,” which he openly admits; and 2) Paul was referencing what is written in the Old Testament and not anything Jesus had ever said. 

Finally, a good student of history and the Old Testament might well realize the actual “practical” reason that homosexuality was “morally” condemned in those books: It had to do with increasing the numbers in your tribe and had nothing to do with being “sinful” or going against God. Homosexual unions could not produce children in those days, and filling their heads with the “fear of God” was about the only way to force them into marrying the opposite sex and having more children.

Notwithstanding, I am pretty certain many “straights” would still condemn homosexuality absent a book like the Bible because fearing and condemning what is different comes quite naturally to us.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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