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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In a recent letter (Feb. 22), Lois Eisenberg once again played the labeling game by attributing some crazy Taylor Swift conspiracy to the “MAGA Cult” and the Republican Party. No doubt she heard some crazy conspiracy story somewhere (those are everywhere) and has decided that the “Republican elites,” whoever they are, and the MAGA cult are spending all their time worrying about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. I’m guessing the vast number of Republicans in this country, myself included, could care less what they do. But Ms. Eisenberg has once again labeled the entire political party she doesn’t like as running with some crazy theme that has no evidential foundation. Believe me, Lois, the Republicans in this country have much bigger problems to worry about than Taylor Swift and so should you!

And once again the MAGA hate theme surfaces. I guess I have to plead guilty to being in the “MAGA cult” that she obviously despises. Let me see. Make America Great Again! What a simple concept that Ms. Eisenberg and other Donald Trump haters don’t understand, or refuse to admit. MAGA simply stands for bringing back the values and policies that made our country the greatest in the history of the world. What a terrible philosophy, Lois! Sorry to disappoint you, but we are not communists, fascists, racists, homophobes and all the other vile names we have been called. Some of those despicable people can be found in all political parties and walks of life.

Ms. Eisenberg stated that America is in a state of chaos. I might point out to her that those areas experiencing the most chaos, like most large cities and the border, are mostly controlled by the liberals she supports, the president she supports and the leaders who have forgotten what law and order means.

Finally, I guess I am one of those Lois labeled as “anti-intellectual, paranoid and stupid.” But proud to support making America great again! Once again, sounds like you got it backward, Lois. You are so afraid of Trump that you and your ultra-liberal friends will attach any derogatory label to anyone who supports him or conservative themes.

David Godfrey


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