John Boston | My Election Picks & a Chance to be an Idiot Again …

John Boston
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A few years back, I was in the bleachers for one of those backyard political debates. On the Left was a 30-something foppish Disney executive. On the Right? My dopey sister-like substance, Lisa, smarter than a five-figure London business suit. 

Lisa kicked the holy crap out of this pontificating liberal. Then, he Went There. He stooped to the predictable Size One Brain Liberal Defense and called Lisa, “… a racist!” 

Booed by both sides, the Nuevo-Dem blurted: “In the last decade, the Baptists have murdered more people than all the radical Islamic terrorists combined!!” 

The few liberals in the fam jumped to deflect with the usual: “You’re Taking It Out Of Context!!!” Disneyboy doubled down and repeated his claim. I should have kept quiet, but, I had to know. 

“Excuse me,” I asked. “I’m a journalist. I keep up on the headlines. While Baptists don’t have sex standing up because it might lead to dancing, I can’t recall a single Protestant donning a suicide vest and blowing up a Dairy Queen. Where do you get this information?” 

The Dem sniffed: “I just — know …”  

Lisa? Placing hand on hip, she shifted weight, pondered the obvious, then announced: “You’re a moron.” OK. I’m fibbing. Lisa snuck in a yard-tall F-bomb, pre-“moron.” 

A progressive chorus whined: “C’mon!! Let’s not get personal! Can’t we just compromise?” 

Lisa’s response was calm, measured. “Frankly, I’m sick to death of compromising. Every year, our side compromises. We capitulate, give ground. His side? It lies, cheats, steals, calls us names, plays the victim and then steals more. I’m done compromising.” 

She added, “And to — what nonsense — am I supposed to compromise? That the Baptists killed just 20% as many innocents as radical Islamic terrorists? Half as many …?” 

I have many Democrats in my life that I don’t just love, I adore. Still. I am — ASTOUNDED — at how many of them can be so contrite and honest about the mistakes they’ve made, how they can figure out complex issues, from technical to emotional, then be so profoundly stubborn to believe that, why yup, Baptists have murdered more people than Hamas, ISIS, the Taliban, Hezbollah and other yammering, flea-bitten hillbilly radical Islamic child torturers, murderers and rapists. It’s like having a kid who comes home every semester with six A’s — and an F. You’d have to be a bona fide dolt of a parent not to ask, “What’s with The Flunk?” 

Not all Democrats are complete wackadoodles. But, they do vote as a single block, often on the most phantasmagorical and idiotic beliefs. You don’t see a conservative or center-right person planting his butt on a freeway in a Just Stop Oil protest. But, you do have a certain state legislator grinning like she passed wind in a bathtub and boasting about fighting petroleum products and, in her campaign material, going after MAGA Republicans. Yeah. Sure. These are the top two problems facing America.  

One of the foulest politicians in California history is District Attorney George Gascón. Visit one of the local liberal websites, They endorse him. (Vote Hatami, by the way). This one man, propped up by billionaire civilization destroyer George Soros, has led a campaign to protect criminals and endanger citizens. He invites not just disapproval, but hatred. Local Democrats support his re-election. Independents or Republicans don’t scream hysterical gibberish as they knock over statues, destroy priceless art, burn cities, loot stores or pistol-whip employees. The Left is intolerant, destructive and emotionally unbalanced. They’re bullies, control freaks, anti-freedom and often perverts, sneaking pornography into elementary schools. They spring from morning’s bed, motivated to get the innocent fired and jailed. The toothier liberals call for executions.  

Look around. Homeless encampments by the thousands. Drug addiction. Crime. Borders wide open and cities at a tipping point of collapse to deal with illegal aliens. Liberals attack anyone who disagrees. Or utters the “Wrong Pronoun.” They are cowards. They have no self-awareness. They harass and work to fire, squelch, shame, intimidate or actively destroy life and beauty. What was once a noble American political party has turned into a monster whose hunger cannot be satiated. This is not tirade. It’s fact. 

Look around. Are you happy with paying $5 for a loaf of bread, a gallon of gas or two Snickers? Enjoy your utility bills now costing a car payment? On everything from insurance to Gatorade, prices are skyrocketing. Our leftist leaders call for a $50 minimum wage. Our government is at war with us. Agencies grow. Tax dollars go for yet more useless nonprofit agencies, which then contribute to politicians’ slush funds. All we have to show for fighting homelessness is more six-figure bureaucrats and attorneys.  

The No. 1 issue facing us is Liberalism. Look. Seriously. Look for yourself. For every Democrat we’ve elected, there’s 100 miles of burning highway behind them. California used to be a great state. It’s a dumpster fire, managed by morons and the insane, aka, the Democratic Party.  

Kiddos. Come next Tuesday? This is it. Hunger Games Time. We will be voting not just on the end of America, but the end of civilization.  

The Left is pro-shoplifting. Pro-crime. Anti-Jew. Anti-religion. Pro-terrorist. Anti-parent. Anti-children. Anti-science. Anti-happiness. To control us, they limit the cars we can drive, the light bulbs we must use, the food we must eat, the thoughts we must have. In chilling Orwellian language, in our schools, our media, liberal jackanapes taunt that some races are better than others then volunteer to hold our coats while we fight.  

We’ve elections coming this Tuesday, March 5. I’ll make it simple. Visit any Democratic website. Take notes. DO NOT vote for any person, issue or proposition Democrats support. 

Why? Dictatorships tend to be the natural gravitational pull for societies. If you want to be starring, very soon, in your own, personal version of “Lord of the Flies,” vote Democrat. Or, worse, be a fat, lazy sofa slug, throw up your hands and let your own destruction visit you, then eat you alive, piece by piece. 

John Boston is a local writer. His bookstore is

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