Lois Eisenberg | Way to Go, Brandon … and Lois

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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This nickname for President Joe Biden, “Let’s Go Brandon,” left the MAGA Cult Congress sitting on his left during his State of the Union with egg on their faces on March 8.

The 81-year-old president showed the MAGA Congress Cult and America how vital he is, and left that MAGA group in shock. President Biden proved that he is not cognitively impaired, and this “cognitively impaired” notion should be put to rest.

President Biden’s SOTU was positive and made sense from the beginning to the end. Way to go, “Brandon.” This president was in fine form giving his SOTU, and this president doesn’t want to cut Social Security and Medicare. Way to go, “Brandon.” Think about this, Americans: Where would you be without these social benefits?

The SOTU had 32.2 million viewers watching, an 18% increase over the 27.3 million who watched in 2023. Way to go, “Brandon.” President Biden took on the Jan. 6 deniers, especially his predecessor, the MAGA Cult Congress and all the other deniers, asking them to tell the truth and bury the lies. Way to go, “Brandon.” President Biden also summed up the fears of those who believe passionately in reproduction rights. Way to go, “Brandon.”

Here’s where President Biden stands on three of his promises: Inflation and the economy are in progress and doing well. Infrastructure is successful. Climate in progress and doing well. Way to go, “Brandon.”

Here is one of President Biden’s proposals: Tax breaks for families and lower health costs. Way to go, “Brandon.” 

Must mention the disastrous response by Katie Britt to the SOTU, which was par for the course by the Republicans. The bottom line is, do you, Americans want a spiteful person — Donald Trump — who has vowed to seek revenge and retribution on all his enemies, which would fill a prison? 

In closing, President Biden said, which is so true, “You can’t love your country only when it wins.” Way to go, “Brandon,” and I say your country comes first, not your party.

Way to go, “Lois.”

Lois Eisenberg


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