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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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What is Trump Derangement Syndrome? 

It’s when the Democratic National Committee makes you eat crow and pretend it tastes like chicken.

One of my favorite examples is Tara Reade. After wailing ad nauseum over Donald Trump’s “grab brag” (willing groupies 10 years before running for office), and after wailing even louder about Brett Kavanaugh’s uncorroborated jumping — clothed — on a bed as a teenager, the DNC made NeverTrumpers back Joe Biden, who not only (was accused of) digitally (penetrating) his unwilling staffer while in office, her own mom corroborated it to the entire nation at the time on “Larry King Live.”

The 10 runners up: 

1) Wailing about how Trump would start World War III, then voting for a guy with two wars … so far … 

2) Wailing about Trump’s illegalities and impeaching him (twice!), then voting for a guy whose bribery is so obvious even a moron can see it. As an added bonus, bribery is specifically mentioned in the Constitution for impeachment, and Trump’s first TDS impeachment was for merely asking (!) about it. 

3) Wailing about Trump’s COVID deaths, then voting for a guy with a higher and faster COVID death count. 

4) Wailing about a president keeping his own (!) classified documents, yet voting for a guy with far more such documents, in five different locales (including next to his Corvette), illegally taken while a senator and vice president.

5) Wailing about Trump’s border policies, only to endure Biden’s wholesale border crisis.

6) Wailing about Trump’s incompetence, then voting for a level of senility and weakness that is absolutely unprecedented and utterly embarrassing.

7) Wailing about Trump’s foreign policy, then enduring the ignominy of the Afghanistan retreat, the Chinese incursion balloons, the Ukraine evacuation offer, the money to Iran, the Gaza hostages, etc. 

8) Wailing about an “assault on democracy,” yet voting for a guy who used government censorship and illegal election changes to swing his election. As an added bonus, note the two-tiered Department of Justice and its cover-ups from laptops to diaries to coke in the White House.

9) Wailing (and rioting!) for “Black Lives Matter” under Trump, then voting for a “defund the police” Biden era under which many many more innocent Black lives have been taken.

10) Wailing about race and hate under Trump, and then voting for a regime whose supporters praise the racist terrorists of Hamas as they rape and torture and kidnap and murder.

Rob Kerchner 


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