Rob Kerchner | The Left’s Sky Is Falling

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The left has become like a preteen sleepover where little girls tell each other scary stories in order to scream in hyperventilating unison.

The funniest part is how the Teenybopper Left forgets they already survived that horrible, horrible night of 2016-2020. The economy didn’t tank. In fact it thrived. Nobody was rounded up into camps or jailed. Not even Hillary Clinton. World War III didn’t start. In fact, no wars started at all. Prices were low. Crime was low. Jobs were plentiful. Energy was cheap. Terrorists were at bay. The Earth didn’t melt. COVID wasn’t the plague. It was the exact opposite of all their professed horrors. Even with their pet projects like abortion (!), the sky hasn’t fallen. 

But Chicken Littles keep on cluckin’.

Rob Kerchner

Santa Clarita

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