Thomas Oatway | You Should Be Terrified of Trump

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Brian Richards (letters, Feb. 4) took umbrage at my “weekly screed” and irrational fear of Donald Trump being elected president in 2024. I am mystified why any American would not be terrified of that prospect.

Recently, Trump suggested that NATO members who do not meet the alliance’s military budget guidelines should be invaded by Russia’s authoritarian criminal leader, Mr. Vladimir Putin. He also poked fun at the husband of Nikki Haley for not being visibly at her side during her presidential nomination bid. This despite the fact that he is deployed overseas as a member of our military. Of course, we know what he thinks of military service and those who were not able to come up with a feeble medical excuse for avoiding service (e.g., bone spurs). 

Richards also suggests that Hispanics should not be “confused” by their election choice. The implication is that they should instead help reelect Trump because Joe Biden has allowed an invasion by 8-10 million migrants. But MAGA Republicans, following instructions by Trump, have killed the Senate legislation that would have provided the resources and legal authority to dramatically reduce the flood of migrants seeking residency in America.

I could go on, but my instinct tells me that if I let Trump keep talking nonsense on the campaign trail, he will make my point on the danger of his reelection far better than I ever could.

Thomas Oatway


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