Arthur Saginian | Literally Everyone Makes Boo-Boos?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Wow, Hilmar Rosenast (letters, Jan. 27) really reached back to the past to respond to a letter of mine that was printed about a year ago (Jan. 28, 2023) regarding the ills of religion, and repeated a statement he made to me around that time, that “blaming religion for all of the ills of the world is like telling God, ‘You have failed.’”

Yes, Mr. Rosenast. That’s correct. 

But would you like to know how God failed? I will tell you how he failed. He failed when he created US, in his own image and likeness, no less. That, Mr. Rosenast, is failure. Yes, God makes boo-boos, too. So, despite what you’ve been told and have consequently come to believe, God is fallible. 

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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