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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I recently listened to Nathan Hockman speak and am writing to endorse him for the position of Los Angeles County District Attorney in the November election. His candidacy offers a much-needed opportunity for meaningful change in our community. 

So who is Nathan Hochman? Hopefully, he’s L.A. County’s next district attorney. Hochman is a distinguished attorney with a career spanning over three decades, marked by a steadfast commitment to justice and public service. A graduate of Brown University and Stanford Law School, Hochman has served in numerous roles, including as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Central District of California, where he prosecuted cases involving human and narcotics traffickers, and public corruption. His extensive experience also includes serving as the assistant attorney general of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Tax Division, where he oversaw national tax enforcement.  

He served as president of the L.A. City Ethics Commission, led government investigations practices at two international law firms, and co-founded the L.A. Sheriff’s Foundation. With over 34 years of criminal justice experience across all sectors and proven leadership in government, private practice, and community organizations, Hochman is poised to restore public safety, strengthen partnerships with law enforcement, and rehabilitate the reputation of the DA’s Office, which has suffered in recent years.  

Hochman’s dedication to law and order is unquestionable, and his vision for a safer Los Angeles County is both clear and compelling. Outside of the courtroom, Nathan gives back as a stalwart community leader and volunteer. He has committed to prioritizing compassionate solutions to address homelessness.  

Seriously. Something has to change. The only ones currently winning the war on crime seem to be the criminals. The nightly news is filled with what seems like high drama on a top-watched television crime series. Only it’s not fiction or cleverly crafted scripts. It is the reality of the flourishing crime plaguing Los Angeles County over the past three years, and the seeming lack of consequences. Catch and release is clearly not working. We grow weary of the escalating crime rates, and the pervasive sense of insecurity that now permeates our daily lives. 

Hochman is running as an independent. He is committed to removing politics from this nonpartisan office, as it should be. He understands that the role of the district attorney is to uphold the law impartially and ensure justice for all, without being swayed by political affiliations or external pressures. Hochman’s approach is grounded in fairness and integrity, qualities that are desperately needed to restore public trust in our legal system. 

He will unite, not divide. Hochman’s leadership style is inclusive, emphasizing collaboration and community engagement. He believes in working closely with law enforcement, community leaders and residents to develop comprehensive strategies that address the root causes of crime and enhance public safety. His track record demonstrates a genuine commitment to bridging divides and fostering a sense of unity among diverse groups. 

He will restore, not continue the war. Hochman’s goal is not merely to combat crime but to restore a sense of security and order to L.A. County. His plans include effective crime prevention programs, improving support for victims, and ensuring that those who break the law face appropriate consequences. Hochman’s balanced approach seeks to break the cycle of crime and create a safer environment for all residents. 

A vote this November for Nathan Hochman is our best chance to restore public safety in L.A. County. He brings the right blend of experience, integrity, and vision to the role of district attorney. Hochman’s commitment to justice, fairness, and community well-being makes him the ideal candidate to lead our county toward a safer, more secure future. 

I urge fellow voters to support Nathan Hochman for district attorney, and encourage family, friends and neighbors to do the same. Our community deserves a leader who will stand up for justice and work tirelessly to ensure our safety. 

Teresa Todd 

Santa Clarita

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