Jason Lorenz | Street Vendors Running Amok

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Lately I have observed the growing number of food trucks and street vendors on Castaic Road. My guess is that none of these vendors have an operating permit from the county or are inspected by the county Health Department for food safety like all of the established restaurants in the area. 

To me this resembles the homeless problem we face here in L.A. County. Homeless encampments don’t start with 100 people, they start with one or two and grow to 100.

It seems funny to me that the county has no problem dictating what you park in your own driveway but will simply look the other way when it comes to people operating an illegal, uninspected portable restaurant on a public sidewalk. 

It’s a wonder that anyone follows any of the county laws and/or ordinances anymore.

Jason Lorenz 


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