Local author releases dystopian novel 

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News release 

Santa Clarita resident W. L. (Bill) Lyons III, recently released his eighth book, “Exile to Kodiak.”  

“In tune with today’s concerns about the environment and strident government, it explores our future,” said a news release from the author. 

The release provided the following synopsis of the dystopian novel: 

The year 2051 is filled with parched farms, starving mobs and rampant crime. The entire world is in the grip of devastating global warming while Washington, D.C., issues bold edicts aimed at quelling raging riots. One such proclamation commands that anyone guilty of even petty crime be arrested and exiled to Kodiak, Alaska. In this way, 17-year-old Ethan found himself swept up and banished along with thousands of others.  

Pain and misery fill the days of those fortunate enough to avoid the sinister reach of government. Frantic neighbors form small groups to plant vegetables in their tiny yards and battle to overcome chronic power outages. One such group calls themselves The Strivers and they struggle to overcome the disasters that have crushed their country. 

Fate intervenes to bring Ethan and The Strivers together and hand-in-hand they set out to create a prosperous new world. 

The book is available in paperback. 

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