Michael Reagan | Joe Biden Is the Better Dictator


So I turn on the news ….

We’ve got wars raging in Ukraine and Israel.

We’ve got nuke-carrying Russian warships visiting Cuba.

We’ve got 4,000 illegal immigrants a day crossing our southern border.

We’ve got eight men from Tajikistan with potential ties to ISIS arrested last weekend in New York, Philadelphia and here in Los Angeles.

We’ve got pro-Palestinian and antisemitic protesters making trouble on our college campuses, surrounding the White House, blocking traffic and making plans for disrupting the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 19.

Then I take a spin around my hometown ….

You’ve got 75,000 homeless people on the sidewalks of L.A. County – up almost 10% from last year.

You’ve got local gun stores sold out and more women than ever going to shooting ranges.

You’ve got some people in my neighborhood building 6-foot-high walls around their homes. No razor wire on top, yet.

All these social and economic problems and many, many more are everywhere you look in Year Three of Joe Biden’s broke and broken America.

Yet the Democrats and their deranged cheerleaders in the media keep warning us that if Donald Trump is elected this fall, it’ll be just like electing Hitler.

They’ve actually convinced themselves that America will be destroyed by four more years of Trumpism.

They truly believe we’ll lose our democracy. The land of the free will become a dictatorship and Trump will become the fascist despot he always wanted to be in his first term but somehow never got around to becoming.

They truly believe that Trump 2.0 will misuse the justice system and the FBI to attack his political enemies.

That he’ll throw Rachel Maddow in a concentration camp with the rest of the legacy liberal media that has abused him for eight years.

That he’ll deport millions of the fake asylum seekers and their children whom Biden and his open-door immigration policies invited here from around the world.

And for good measure, they fear Herr Trump would choose Sean Hannity as his vice president and appoint Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration.

I’m really sorry, Democrats, there’s no vaccine for your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

But as far as I can tell, thanks to your “Big Guy” Joe Biden and his caretakers, our democracy is pretty well on its way down the drain already.

For three and half years Democrats and their flunkies in the biased media have made it clear they hate Trump more than they hate lawfare and injustice.

They hate him more than they hate government tyranny and stupidity. More than they hate federal censorship and unconstitutionality. More than they hate biased and unfair journalism.

I live in California, a one-party state Democrats have spent four decades wrecking.

It’s where the virtue-signalers who run San Francisco recently surprised no one by unanimously declaring it a “sanctuary city” for transgender and non-binary people.

What’s left, San Fran? A sanctuary city for members of Hamas? Drug cartel soldiers?

Seriously, the projectionists in the Democrat Party are worried about Trump doing exactly the undemocratic kinds of things they’ve been doing since Biden was led into the Oval Office.

The Nov. 5 election can’t come quick enough for me. But the way things are going, I’m genuinely scared for the future of the country.

What happens if Biden wins? Will he think he has a mandate? Will he tell his tools in the Justice Department to double-down on his enemies?

And God forbid if Democrats win the House and the Senate.

My prayer is that America will wake up in time to throw the Democrats out of power in Washington – and in a few deep Blue States like New York.

The Democrats’ prayer is that America will stay asleep.

Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. His column is distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.

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