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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Sadly, we lost a great lady recently: Barbara “Bobby” Stone a 102-year-old United States Marine Corps World War II veteran, passed away peacefully in her sleep last week, only a week and a few days after we honored her and 24 of her fellow female service people on Memorial Day at our annual event at Eternal Valley here in Newhall with the theme of “Women in the U.S. Military” from the country’s inception to the present day. 

Her daughter contacted me to tell me that her whole family really appreciated having Bobby honored for her service, which she was extremely proud of, before she passed. She was suffering from Alzheimer’s but was still able to express and verbalize some emotions to those close to her. 

Bobby will be missed greatly and thought of frequently by those of us who had the honor of meeting her! 

Rick Barker 


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