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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

San Francisco is fed up with the unlawful judicial activism that’s been encouraging homelessness, and is now begging conservatives on the Supreme Court to reverse the progressives on the 9th Circuit. Similarly, progressive blue state sanctuary cities are begging the feds to close the border the way red state conservatives have been suggesting all along. 

Jews on the left are facing progressive anti-semites, and leftists generally are complaining about the horrendous inflation long bemoaned — and predicted — on the right. Progressives are backtracking on police defunding and bail reduction as crime spirals upward, joining conservative positions. Some progressives are walking back their unwavering prior support of electric vehicles and other “climate concerns.” Many progressives are even bemoaning our corrupt and addled president, as do conservatives. And the embarrassments of our two-tiered justice system — especially the extreme verdicts in New York and the double standards on classified document prosecutions — are finally resonating with some progressives. 

It’s almost like common sense is breaking out among many of our friends on the left. As the saying goes, perhaps they’ve been “mugged by reality.”

Rob Kerchner 


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