Thomas Oatway | Pandering to the Radical Wing

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Rep. Mike Garcia’s April 20 column in The Signal proved that he panders to the most radical wing of his party. He seems to have forgotten how to be a patriot after leaving the U.S. Navy.

For example, he attacks the FBI director as being too political. This is absurd. Garcia cannot cite one example where Chris Wray has been political in the execution of his office. He blames Wray for the mess on our southern border, which the FBI has ZERO responsibility for. This from a member of the party that denied a vote on a bipartisan Senate bill to augment our border security and correct inadequacies in our asylum system.

Then Garcia grades the Department of Justice director with an “F” for the politicalization of his agency. Merrick Garland has taken scrupulous actions to avoid such a charge. Note that Garcia was eerily silent when Willam Barr was defending (Donald Trump) and his minions, some of whom were convicted and in some cases pardoned by Trump.

We need to get rid of this guy and elect someone who better represents the 27th Congressional District, and send Garcia to the trash heap of failed politicians along with Trump.

Thomas Oatway


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