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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Elected officials freely chose to put ­­themselves in the public eye and if they are worthy of the position they hold they are also intelligent enough to be very aware they they are never going to please all of the people in their district on all topics and at all times. 

Over the past few years I’ve gotten to know several of our local reps on the City Council and other city and county elected people as well as both our U.S. congressional representative and our state Assembly person. 

When it comes to the last two elected people, Mike Garcia and Pilar Schiavo, respectfully, I have also had the pleasure of meeting and working closely with their staff on issues concerning veterans within their districts needing assistance as well as their participation at the annual Memorial Day event honoring local veterans. The staff of these two reps are some of the nicest and most professional and dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

Full disclosure: I am a volunteer on Congressman Garcia’s campaign, but I am not a member of his congressional staff and the dealings I have had with his congressional staff are only as a resident/constituent in his district — just like most people reading this. 

I would now point out what should be obvious and emphasize that the staff working for our elected representatives are just regular people working a job to support themselves and I know for a fact that all of them work their collective asses off to assist the constituents of their employer and they could care less and never ask what your political leanings are or who you voted for. 

Keep this in mind whenever you contact their offices. Bottom line, treat others with the respect you want from them. 

Rick Barker 


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