Rob Kerchner | Lessons from COVID-19

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

COVID-19 taught us a lot about our government, our elite culture and our media. In the midst of uncertainty and ignorance about the virus, even in the so-called expert circles, their first instinct was to actively suppress debate at the very time we needed it most. This essentially froze that ignorance in place rather than allow for debate and dissent to test the policies and declarations of the bureaucrats. 

And it continues to this day. Our elites, our government, and our major media aren’t trying to inform Americans. They’re trying to trap them in ignorance and indoctrinate them in favored viewpoints. 

That’s not free speech. That’s fascism, by its very definition, as a union of government and centralized corporate power enforcing the whims of the ruling class.

Rob Kerchner

 Santa Clarita

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