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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Cindy Josten, “Too Much Made of Pride,” letters, July 2.

Finally, someone with the guts to speak up! Thank you Cindy Josten, for a wonderfully worded, non-hateful, yet much-needed letter to the editor on July 2. I feel the same way about groups who push themselves on others. So many of the people who Identify as LGBTQ are absolutely wonderful people. However, you are correct in your assessment of the amount of time they are in the calendar. It is this kind of “overkill” and pushing their beliefs on others that has divided our country. It seems as though if I don’t believe the way this or that group does, then I must be wrong or even evil. Thank you for your courage in bringing this subject the attention of the City Council and every other government group that coddles this kind of group in the name of wokeness!

Ron Perry

Canyon Country

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